Model UN Takes Up Sustainable Development Goals

A number of St. Stephen’s students participated in a Model UN session in early December focused entirely on developing the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Together, they drew up guidelines to assist countries formulating far-reaching health, infrastructure, education and social justice initiatives.
“Needless to say, the formulation of such policy guidelines — their overlap and conflict — required intense negotiation for specific situations and needs,” explained Christopher Colvin, a Model UN sponsor.
Participants chose four specific topics to discuss: Kashmir, the global pandemic, large-scale fires, and refashioning economies that are sustainable and provide appropriate employment. Their discussion was quickened by a proposal to eliminate several SDGs.
“All the delegates deserve recognition for their hard work,” Colvin noted. “Members at the dais and several delegates helped one another and the sponsors with the technicalities of an online meeting.”
Secretary-General Isabella Villarreal welcomed the delegates in her opening speech and exhorted them to do good work. Parliamentarian Fabi Garza was masterful in directing the proceedings and was aided in her work by Villarreal. Sam Palmer, meeting recorder, took extensive notes and answered questions about what had been said and done. He also delivered a full summary of the proceedings after the meeting. In the end, delegates produced thoughtful discussions of the issues, as well as solid negotiations.
Model UN participants include Alex Acorta, Sarah Aggarwal, Kate Beveridge, Joseph Carruth, Marshall Cloyd, William Franco, Fabi Garza,Zach Geller, Ronik Gupta, Peter Horton, Priya Jhaveri, Sophie Kastner, Max Lain, Carson Murtuza Lanier, Salma Mohammed, Sam Palmer, Bo Parham, Bradley Parham, Alissa Shen, Marshall Schechter, James Stephens, Isabella Villarreal, Tiana Wang and Bryan Zhao. In addition to Colvin, faculty sponsors of Model UN include Sarah Todd, Samantha Schmidt and Mason Cox.
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