Spartan Spotlight: Zoe Schaffer, 11th Grade

Zoe Schaffer, an 11th-grade Spartan, has been a shining light for her team throughout the season. There is no doubt that she brings her all to training and matches, and her competitive nature has raised the Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team’s standard. 

Coach Andy Aceves praised Schaffer’s leadership this season. “Zoe competes relentlessly in every game and every training session, and her work rate makes us better in so many ways,” Aceves said. “The last two matches for the Varsity squad are evidence that Zoe plays for her teammates. She notched two goals in the team’s 2-1 victory over Awty International School last week and contributed to the team’s 6-0 win over St. Andrew’s on Wednesday with a goal.”

However, it’s not just her offensive prowess that makes Schaffer an asset to the team. She is a tenacious defender as well. “The opportunities she creates for her teammates and the balls she wins when we’re defending are just as important as the goals she scores,” Aceves added.

Schaffer is a three-sport athlete at St. Stephen’s, competing in field hockey and lacrosse in addition to soccer. She brings the same energy and dedication to each each team, each season, consistently elevating the teams’ quality of play. 

Athletic Director Jon McCain shared Aceves’ praise of Schaffer. “Zoe clearly raises the bar no matter what sport she’s playing,” McCain noted. “She’s feisty, and her passion for competition is palpable from the sidelines.”

Schaffer has committed to the admission process at Dartmouth College, where she intends to play field hockey. 

Each week, the athletic department and coaching staff feature a Spartan player who stands out among their peers. Check back next week to see which student-athletes will be featured in our Sports Spotlight!

— Chelsea Richards, Sports Information Director, Upper School Athletic Director
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