Student Leaders Mentor Local Students for Black History Month

Three leaders of St. Stephen’s Unapologetic student group visited Harmony Science Academy on Thursday, Feb. 20, to participate in their school's Black History Month programming. 

To cultivate a love of reading and promote literacy, administrators of the Pre-K to 8th-grade public charter school sought out local students to come into their 3rd-grade classroom to read aloud to students and ask comprehension questions.
St. Stephen's 12th graders Sierra Coffey, Miranda Galvan and David Houston answered the call. The younger students were so enamored with the Spartans that they begged them to return and read to them again before the end of the school year.

"We have established an educational partnership with Harmony Science Academy and look forward to building a longstanding relationship with them for years to come," said Yvonne Adams, St. Stephen's director of equity and inclusion. 

Unapologetic is just one of our school’s student affinity groups that regularly meets to explore issues and share information affecting its members. Affinity groups support positive, healthy communication and effective interactions across campus, as they enable individual students to feel more empowered by and appreciated for their differences. 

"Ultimately, they help the different members of a diverse school community become more accepting and appreciative of themselves and others, enabling students to look beyond their own personal perspective to understand and appreciate other people’s unique stories, histories and voices," Adams explained.

Current school affinity groups include: Unapologetic: Black/African-American; Espacios Compartidos: Latino/Latina/Latinx; WOKE: White/Caucasian; Asian: Asian-American/Pacific Islander; and True Colors: LGBTQ. Each is supported by a member of the faculty or staff who identifies with that group's members. 
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