Hello World Students Present Projects at Google

Three cheers for the 17 Spartans whose innovative computer science projects from the Hello World program at St. Stephen’s were recognized during the program’s fall 2019 Demo Day on Saturday, Nov. 16, at Google.
Participants included Sonal Alla, Beck Arnow, William Casas, Jake Chappelear, Leo Chou, Marshall Cloyd, Wylie Halloran, Lainey Leslie, Eli Meyers, Simon Meyers, Luke Murphy, Carson Murtuza-Lanier, Walter Ralls, Matthew Rowe, Evan Schlesinger, Ryder Schmelzle and James Stephens.
These Spartans were among the 450 students from across Austin who participated in the Demo Day that featured rigorous projects in drone programming, artificial intelligence (AI), music composition, iOS mobile app development, natural language processing, self-driving cars, game engineering and web development. Students within Hello World — those who presented projects at Google and the 30-plus more who participated in the program this fall — engaged in both college- and graduate-level coursework within the computer science field.
“The St. Stephen’s students’ projects are always among the most impressive across all schools,” said Sabina Bharwani, founder and CEO of Hello Word, a computer science enrichment program led by real-world software engineers, data scientists and AI architects. “We've worked with many of these students for years, and they are easily the most advanced students we've had the opportunity to support.
“One student in particular I'd like to highlight is Carson Murtuza-Lanier, who is only the second student to complete Level 5 of our Data Science & AI course,” Bharwani added. “His project involves an AI he built that can replicate music. The type of work that students as young as Carson are able to produce is unbelievable.”
Bharwani noted that Spartan Evan Schlesinger was the first student to complete Level 5 of Hello World’s Data Science & AI course.
Congratulations to all the participants who shared their innovations at the event.
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