Spartans Participate in Model UN at UT

Eight student representatives from St. Stephen's Model United Nations (UN) Program attended the Central Texas Model UN at The University of Texas at Austin last weekend.

Throughout the three-day course, the Spartans participated for more than 17 hours on three UN committees, three crisis committees and the UN Security Council. Their time was spent in debate, drafting resolutions and gaming situations, as well as honing the diplomatic tactics of collaboration, negotiation persuasion, war and intelligence operations. All of our students greatly enjoyed the conference, which included more than 500 high school students from across the region.

"Our students are to be commended for their preparation for the conference and the work they put in during the program," said Christopher Colvin, Ph.D., who helped prep students for the event. "I saw them all in action; they were impressive."
Photo (left to right): Model UN Sponsor Christopher Colvin, Ph.D., with participants Cristian Dominguez, Linda Liu, Yixuan Zhou, Annie Wang, Kate Van Dusen, Fabi Garza, Carson Murtuza-Lanier and James Stephens.
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