St. Stephen's Parents' Days

The St. Stephen’s school community was pleased to welcome parents and guardians to campus last week for Middle School Parents’ Day on Thursday, Oct. 24, and Upper School Parents’ Day on Friday, Oct. 25.
This two-day annual fall event enables parents and special guests to join their Spartans for an array of morning classes, gather in advisory, meet with different teachers and enjoy lunch together in the dining hall.
A highlight of the day for many was the opportunity to hear from Head of School Chris Gunnin in morning Chapel. Gunnin shared with visitors a story from his early childhood. While exploring a local museum near his home in Richardson, Texas, the precocious 4-year-old wandered out an open door and down a path, away from this mother.
According to my mom, after being well on my way, on my own, I suddenly stopped, turned around and ran back,” Gunnin said. “I reached out to her and said, ‘Come on, Mom, hold my hand. I’m here if you get scared.’
“I was surely just repeating back what my mom had, no doubt, told me a hundred times already by that age, ‘Let’s hold hands; we’re in this together,’” he noted before turning to the students seated around the Chapel and reminding them that their parents are not too far off, watching them as well.
“Spartans, you are headed fast down the trail of your own life,” he continued. “Your journeys are exciting and fun, but watching you grow up is a little scary for parents. We love you so much. We want you to be happy and successful, but we also know some of the dangers that might lie ahead. Sometimes parents need a little reassurance, too. We need you, every now and then, to remember us.
Today is a day to be present, to be together,” Gunnin noted. “It is a day to pause, turn around and face each other, to be safe, still and satisfied in the company of one another, and to be keenly sensitive to the day’s gifts without too much of an eye on tomorrow.
“It’s even a day when you can hold hands and say, “Mom, Dad, we got this.… We are in this together.”

Many thanks to all the parents and guardians who joined us on campus for Parents’ Days 2019. We hope you enjoyed sharing in the St. Stephen's experience with your children!
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