Annual Fund Kick-Off Event

Annual Fund Director Sherry Buchanan and parent chair Kat Erben kicked off this year’s Annual Fund campaign on Sept. 24 with a special breakfast orientation program for parent volunteers. More than 70 dedicated parents have stepped up to help the school meet this year’s fundraising goal of $1.4 million, which directly supports the school’s operating budget.
Parent volunteers will begin reaching out to St. Stephen’s families this week to share information about the importance of full community participation in the Annual Fund. Erben said she donates to the Annual Fund to enhance the student experience across campus.
“My husband, Jim, and I decided to chair the Annual Fund campaign this year in support of our son, Jess, and all the other students at St. Stephen’s,” Erben explained. “We have loved being a part of the St. Stephen’s community since we set foot on this extraordinary campus.
“The Annual Fund is the school’s top fundraising priority,” she continued. “It has a significant and immediate impact on the school. Tuition alone does not cover the true cost of educating a student; it falls short by $2,600. That is why we ask every family to participate and help make up the difference. The only gift that is too small is no gift at all.”
Parent volunteers will contact parents, either by email or phone, throughout October. Please answer their call for full community participation in the Annual Fund! 
Leadership donors — those giving $1,000 or more — will be invited to a special Leadership Thank You event on Nov. 14, 2019. So do not delay: Support our Spartans today!
One gift. One hundred percent. One united school community.
Annual Fund Volunteers, 2019–20
Parent Chairs: Kat and Jim Erben
Class of 2020
Class Captains: Gretchen and Les Canter, Thresa and Mike Nasi
Callers: Maryann Bell, Laurie Courter, David Houston, Margy Kennedy, David Kessler, Helen Pennell
Class of 2021
Class Captains: Meleesia Avant and Suzanne Danuser
Callers: Jill Dewey, Kat Erben, Tom Goodrum, Julie Thu
Class of 2022
Class Captains: Erin Florence Jones ’86 and Sally Metcalfe
Callers: Connie Heyer, Gita Lal, Kendall Levy, Stacy Mendelson, Shannon Peifer, Rene Schmidt, Sheldy Starkes, Katherine Wallin, Ben Wells, Leslie Wells, Belda Zamora
Class of 2023
Class Captains: Mary Casas and Lou Mabley ’86
Callers: Brian Casey, Kimberly Casey, Ann Flemings, Carol Gormin, Katie Marye, Brad Miles, Karen Fricke Nalle ’88, Mark Rowe ’88, Patricia Henna Rowe ’89
Class of 2024
Class Captains: Sandy Henson Griffin ’93 and Pam LaPlaca
Callers: Ting Chia, Desiree Durst, Cassie Haveman, Heilla Lain, Janet Newman, Monique Threadgill, Mary Whittle
Class of 2025
Class Captains: Jackie Alvarez and Brad Miles
Callers: Sandra Brown, Charles Cole, Becky Faulkner, Bill Furlong, Rosa McCormick, Michelle Moggio, Eric Natinsky, JP Newman, Melissa Scott
Class of 2026
Class Captains: Laura Burkhart and Rebecca Krauss
Callers: Liz Brown Fore, Analea Holland, Bonner Kyle, Natalie Lauryssen, Kathleen Mabley, Kristi Moriarty, Ellen Navarre, Kim Schocket, Andie Yorio
Address: 6500 St. Stephen's Dr., Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-1213