Middle Schoolers Enjoy Fun and Games at Library Open House

On Friday, Sept. 20, Becker Library staff held a special open house for Middle School students that featured games, snacks (of course!) and an Amazing Race challenge.
For the challenge, student teams raced through the library to visit seven “continent” stations, answering trivia and completing tasks associated with each continent. For instance, travelers to “Antarctica” built igloos out of mini marshmallows and toothpicks, while intrepid African explorers wove kente cloth samples. The Australian boomerang-in-the basket challenge was surprisingly difficult, which led to some creative problem solving. Students also created funny renditions of European art masterpieces. Two teams tied for first place and won glow sticks to take home; runners up were treated to fortune cookies.
During the open house, students also created freeform poetry by lining up book spines to make some truly unexpected associations. However, the big event of the evening was playing the drawing game Telestrations, which got everyone laughing so hard that they could barely finish their juice pouch drinks.
A big thank you goes to Librarian Michelle Andrews for organizing all the cool activities! It is always a pleasure to host Middle School students in the library for fun and games!
—Cynthia Bartek, Head Librarian
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