2019 TSJCL Convention Results

On Friday, April 5, and Saturday, February 6, Latin students from the St. Stephen’s Middle School and Upper School competed at the Texas State Junior Classical League Convention (TSJCL) at Anderson High School in Austin. Thousands of students from across the state participated in contests of academics, performance, athletics and arts. St. Stephen’s students took two academic tests and the pentathlon test, which covers five subject areas.
Individual TSJCL Awards
3rd Place
Cale Chappelear (7th grade), Latin Derivatives
Ava Sadasivan (7th grade), Reading Comprehension
Ava Sadasivan (7th grade), Decathlon
Zoe Zhao (10th grade), Reading Comprehension
4th Place
Max Lain (7th grade), Roman History
5th Place
Alice Huang (9th grade), Latin Derivatives
7th Place
Christopher Aung (7th grade), Latin Vocabulary
8th Place
Christopher Aung (7th grade), Elementary Latin Grammar
Alice Huang (9th grade), Advanced Latin Grammar
Leo Gao (9th grade), Latin Oratory
10th Place
Cale Chappelear (7th grade), Ancient Geography
TSJCL Pentathlon Awards
Ava Sadasivan (7th grade) and Alice Huang (9th grade) received summa cum laude awards for the Pentathlon.
Christopher Aung (7th grade), Ashton McDougal (8th grade), Devin McDonald (8th grade) and Lisa Li (10th grade) received maxima cum laude awards for the Pentathlon.
Max Lain (7th grade) received magna cum laude awards for the Pentathlon.
Parker Benningfield (9th grade), Cale Chappelear (7th grade), Leo Gao (9th grade) and Chelsea Saucedo (10th grade) received cum laude awards for the Pentathlon.

Congratulations to these outstanding Spartans!

—John Rocklin, Classical Languages Department Chair
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