Terlingua Fossil Dig Leads to Major Find

For the past 15 years, biology instructor Dean Mohlman and other faculty chaperons, including Melissa Livsey, Liam Forstein and former faculty Johnny Wilson, have taken St. Stephen's students out to a private piece of property near Terlingua, Texas, to search for fossils. Any fossils that they find are transferred to the appropriate paleontology department at several universities. During the January 2019 trip, the big find was a turtle plastron (ventral shell) and carapace (dorsal shell) — fossils that are about 72 million years old. Other unique specimens that were discovered were a crocodile tooth, a partial hadrosaur tibia, and various leaf impressions. 

Participating students included 
Ella Benjamin, George Breckwoldt, Margaret Butler, Lukas English, Lillian Gunn, Jacob Hale, Vijay Jhaveri, Greta Kastner, Olivia Korensky, Declan Maguire, Tristan Nguyen, Dan Sabra, Gracie Salomon, Zoe Taylor and Noah Yow.
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