St. Stephen’s Global Orchestra with Maestro Peter Bay

After extensive in-class preparation, the St. Stephen’s Global Orchestra welcomed Maestro Peter Bay, music director and conductor of Austin Symphony Orchestra, for an intensive 1.5-hour session on the Helm stage. Bay worked to further refine the orchestra's program of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, and Pirates of the Caribbean by Hans Zimmer. Bay remarked immediately after the rehearsal, “time certainly went fast,” as he enjoyed pizza with the students.   
Similar to how he works with the professional Austin Symphony Orchestra, Bay was able to work with students to provide an experience of prolonged focus on their individual parts within the larger collaborative endeavor that is an orchestra. Because of their preparation in regular rehearsals, students were able to meet his high expectations. The orchestra students left the special clinic inspired and proud of their efforts.

A visit from Bay is always an experience that leaves a mark on the group for years to come, as well as for the current school year. The St. Stephen’s Global Orchestra looks forward to their performance tour of Spain with the school's Thunder Drumline and Atash over spring break, as well as to performing for the home crowd in April. 

Special thanks go to John Moon, director of orchestras, for arranging the special clinic with Bay.

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