Top Invention Convention Ideas Celebrated

In mid-December, St. Stephen’s sixth grade students participated in the fifth annual Invention Convention, a project-based learning curriculum designed to teach students to: think critically about problems in their world; consider the impact of inventions on their lives; and apply STEM, invention and entrepreneurial skills in creating real-world solutions. 
The intent of this contest is to encourage creativity and develop problem-solving skills among students. Participants in the program identify a need or solve a problem by following the same steps and patent application procedures that an inventor would follow when patenting an invention.
Students in Kindy Verderber’s sixth grade science class spent six weeks designing, building and testing their inventions in preparation for the annual contest. Their inventions were judged by several prestigious individuals, including Danielle Horton’s Upper School engineering students. Judges rated the inventions on a variety of factors, including how well the invention addressed a problem, how thoroughly the invention was researched, and how well the invention was designed and constructed.
Prize-winning inventions included:
  • Best Environmental Invention: “Waterizer” by Sofia Dunkerly

  • Best Fun and Leisure Invention: “The Lazy YouTuber” by Joshua Natinsky

  • Most Practical and Useful Inventions: ”Get the Beep Out of My Way” by Ben Patrick; “The Bath Blanket” by Rex Gilliland; “Fold–A-Stick” by Annabel Furlong

  • Most Marketable Invention: “Nosquitos” by Lily Faulkner

  • Most Original and Unique Invention: “Stay Dry” by Katie Oddo

  • Best Layout/Design/Creative Tri-Fold Board: “Snazzy Strips” by Lauren Miller

  • Best Technological Breakthrough Invention: “Thermal Phone Charger” by Sebastian Estep
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