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International Student Services

The staff (7 people!) in our International Office is known as one of the best. They take a personal interest in each student and engage them in activities on and off campus. The International Program office communicates directly with parents, assists in all academic matters, directs a host family program (dinner and weekend visits), and plans numerous trips and other social activities on and off campus.

Supporting Our International Students

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  • Venture Program

    Your children's overall well-being is important to us, which is why we offer our Venture Program. The Venture Program is designed to welcome new international students to St. Stephens, help them adjust to all aspeccts of being a boarding student, and ensure their first year is successful.

    The Venture program takes place before the school year begins in August. It gives international students an introduction to many essential parts of the school.  Students participate in activities focused on both academic and extracurricular skills. They get familiar with the campus and meet many people who will be supporting them during their first year here. Returning boarding and day students serve as proctors, living in the dorms with the new students to help them with questions or concerns. We take our international students to restaurants and shops, and have on-campus cultural events. 
  • Transitional English Program

    St. Stephen’s Transitional English classes are designed to prepare international students for maximum success in their English classes. Many non-native English speakers need to adapt to new expectations about writing and class participation, and English 9T and 10T allow for this adjustment to occur before students enter mainstream English classes.
    Both English 9T and English 10T are one-credit classes that utilize the same texts and writing assignments as their corresponding mainstream classes; however, the number of texts and major writing assignments are fewer in order to leave time for instruction designed to build English proficiency. Over the course of a year, students study and practice vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and the elements of persuasive writing and literary analysis that will form the core of their academic writing at St. Stephen’s and, later, in college. Beyond providing knowledge and skills, these classes help students to reach beyond their comfort zone and discover their academic and personal potential.
  • Host Family Program

    Every international student is hosted by a St. Stephen’s family, who may invite the student for dinners or weekend visits. This opportunity provides opportunities for fun and cultural learning in a family setting.
  • College Counseling and Preparation

    Finding the right university is an important part of the boarding experience. The International Office works closely with the College Counseling staff to make sure students are exposed to many options in higher education, have opportunities for SAT and ACT test preparation, and follow through on the college application process.
  • Tutoring and Advising

    Group and individual tutoring sessions provide additional language support. With continued supervision of each student’s academic progress, each student has the opportunity to succeed.
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    Travel and Transportation, Visa Administration, Summer Study Programs, International Family Communication, Bank Accounts and Major Purchases. The International Office staff has the experience and dedication to support students who are far from home. They also provide a helping hand, a smile during the day, and the assurance that students have found a home at St. Stephen’s.

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