Technology Requirements

Through our technology requirements, St. Stephen's seeks to accomplish three objectives:

  • Ensure that students can fully engage in academic activities and realize the corresponding learning benefits.
  • Help students build and sustain the strong sense of being connected to our community that is distinctive of the St. Stephen’s Experience and particularly important during times of physical distancing and remote or hybrid learning.
  • Minimize the extent to which students share computers and other devices that could spread COVI
St. Stephen's wants to be thoughtful and flexible in how we revise our pedagogy in order to teach during the pandemic and minimize additional requirements for families. Middle School and Upper School students will be able to do most assignments on a Chromebook, as well as on a Windows or Mac computer. For assignments that require a Windows or Mac computer, the Technology Department is working with teachers to find alternatives that will run on a Chromebook. However, there are some classes where students will need a Windows or Mac computer to complete most assignments. Those classes are: Intro CS, Advanced CS, App Development, Film, Photography, Technical Theater, Yearbook, Projects in Science and Technology, Electronics and Robotics (US) and Engineering. For these classes, a student will need a Windows or Mac computer, preferably a laptop so that the student can complete assignments at school or at home.

If your child does not have a laptop computer or Chromebook, please email St. Stephen’s Director of Technology Dan Laws at, and he can arrange the loan of a device for the academic year. 

Additionally, each student will need a pair of headphones with a microphone. The best solution would be on-ear or over-ear headphones with a boom microphone. The more the ears are covered to block out other noise and the closer the microphone is to the mouth, the better the communication will be in a web conference. 
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