Remote Learning Survey Highlights

St. Stephen’s is sincerely grateful to those parents and students who took time to complete the remote learning and living survey we distributed at the end of the 2019-20 school year. Well over 250 students and more than 300 parents completed the survey.

Following are highlights from the results.
  • Concerning our school’s overall response to the pandemic this spring, 90% of parents and 88% of students thought we did a good job.

  • Regarding our communications throughout the spring, 90% of parents and 78% of students thought the school did a good job.

  • On remote learning, 72% of parents and 78% of students found the experience to be favorable.

  • When asked about the amount of work assigned to students: 53% of parents and 39% of students said it was the right amount, while 14% of parents and 34% of students said it was too much.

  • When asked whether there was enough time built into the schedule to get that work done, 79% of parents and 80% of students said there was enough time.

Overall, we received exceptionally valuable feedback from both constituencies about how to make improvements in certain areas, along with high praise from many about how well the school did in the short time we had to recreate the learning experience. 

As we continue to prepare for several possible scenarios for the fall, we will combine this input with the lessons faculty and staff learned this spring, as well as best practices gleaned from other school districts, universities, and independent and boarding school associations. We also will continue to tap into the valuable perspectives of our parents through conversations with our six trustees who are parents of students or alumni as well as our Parents’ Association board members.
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