Student Insurance Coverage

Updated on Sept. 15, 2020
International students or students whose parents live outside the United State are eligible for the school's student health insurance. P
lease find below valuable information concerning the student health insurance plan coverage as it relates to COVID-19.

Please note this is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of the benefits/exclusions in the plan. You should refer to the plan summary and brochure/certificate of coverage for additional details.
Yes. This is covered under the plan and treated as “any other sickness” – no separate limits, co-pays, etc. This will help ensure that your student has access to care and the insurance will help offset any expenses incurred.
Covid-19 Testing
Symptomatic – Yes.  If your student is displaying symptoms, the testing will be covered. The testing needs to be ordered by a physician (or appropriately licensed health care professional) and administered by a qualified provider. A student who, through contact tracing, has been found to be in contact with someone who has tested positive  would also be covered.
Asymptomatic/Screening – Testing for purposes of Return to Work or School (including for purposes of participation in sports) is generally considered surveillance testing and would not be covered. Our coverage policy aligns with recently released guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services distinguishing tests that are primarily intended for individualized diagnosis and treatment vs. other tests, such as those used to screen for general workplace health or broad public health surveillance.
Your student does not need to be at school to be covered – Your student’s coverage is in force and covered expenses are eligible for reimbursement anywhere in the world. This includes the student’s home country (thru 12/31/20)  
As you know, the situation is constantly evolving.  Below please find links provided by United Healthcare Student Resources (guidelines, FAQ’s, etc.) These links are updated on a frequent basis in order to address changing dynamics and questions as they arise. - “Welcome page” - Frequently Asked Questions
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