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Chrysalis Dance Company Concert

Temple Family Theater
Chrysalis Dance Company presents The Human Race: On your mark, get set, go make a difference!

Chrysalis dance company is a group of student dancers that want to pursue professional dancing and to be able to work with many choreographers. The company is multi-form, which means that they perform ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, rhythm tap, and other ethnic forms. The students have a cross-cultural experience and training  Many go on to become professional dancers.They put in approximately 10 hours of work each week, taking class and learning choreography. 

Six guest choreographers collaborate in this production. Each choreographer took on a subject or organization that they are passionate about and compose a piece about that. The show will be presented on Friday, January 18th in the Helm at 7:30pm and Saturday, January 19th at 3:00pm.
Address: 6500 St. Stephen's Dr., Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 327-1213