Mia Metni '19 Explores Prosthetic Limb Design

Mia Metni, a member of the Class of 2019, centered her year-long independent project around biomedical engineering. She researched both biological and human-induced global causes of amputation, as well as associated prosthetic solutions. In particular, she explored the 3-D printing of prosthetics. Metni showed a particular interest in the materials involved that would help a particular design to be both durable and affordable. She looked at using recycled plastics and other types of plastics, as well as how to integrate metals into both the actual 3-D print and the materials needed to augment the 3-D print.

After researching open and closed source designs, she settled on one designed by Agung Dwi Junianto from the department of industrial design, ITS Surabaya, Indonesia. Metni has an eye on starting her own company and viewed this experience as a foundation for her journey.

Metni worked with three different faculty members on this project: Dean Mohlman, Troy Lanier and Nicole Wortham. Much of her work was conducted in the school's Project and Idea Realization Lab (PIRL)

—Troy Lanier, Science Teacher

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