Upper School Theatre Performances


St. Stephen's theatre students have been hard at work these last few months preparing to share with audiences their interpretation of "Antigone," Sophocles’ classic drama about the troubled children of Oidipous. In the play, Sophocles asks the question, "Which law is greater — that of the gods or of man?"
In this Upper School theatre production, students have set the story in a world ravaged by endless war and environmental disasters. In this setting the fight between the rebel Antigone to bury her fallen brother against the edict set down by the new king, her strong-willed uncle Kreon, could have dire consequences for the citizens of Thebes.

Cast members have worked throughout the process with St. Stephen’s alumna and frequent visiting choreographer for the school’s Chrysalis dance group, Rebecca Whitehurst ’99. Whitehurst's focus has been to unite the chorus in movement and action to enable them to straddle the classical conceits of a chorus while also portraying individual characters in the show. 
The cast, along with a number of St. Stephen’s film students, recently ventured out to a ranch on the Pedernales River to shoot special video that will be projected during the show and also will go into a trailer. They even shot video in a cave inside a cliff adjacent to the river.
English teacher Matt Reilly, Ph.D., has composed original music for the show.

"Antigone" promises to be an outstanding night of live theatre! Performances will be held on Friday, Dec 1 and Saturday, Dec. 2 at 7:30 p.m. in the Helm Fine Arts Center on St. Stephen's campus.
Antigone: Ella Benjamin
Ismene: America Gonzales
Kreon: Compton Stewart
Haimon: Alex Liu
Guards: Lo Giles, Shahraj Sohal
Messenger: Madeleine Andrien and Lisa Li
Teiresias: Sarah Murphy
Eurydike: Mary Orms
Chorus: Madeleine Andrien, Lo Giles, Lisa Li, Sarah Murphy, Mary Orms, Shahraj Sohal
Nina Mewborne
Rose Danuser
Toby Wolfson
Andrew Yow
Thomas Waugh
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Phone: (512) 327-1213