International Program

St. Stephen's Episcopal School welcomes the richness that international students bring to the community. Your student's success is our prioritiy, and the International Program office is available any time during the school day help over 90 students from 20 countries who live on campus. International students receive help with academics, participate in family programs, and enjoy many trips and social activities on and off campus.

International Programs

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  • Venture Program

    Your children's overall well-being is important to us, which is why we offer our Venture Program. The Venture Program is designed to welcome new international students to St. Stephens, help them adjust to all aspeccts of being a boarding student, and ensure their first year is successful.

    The Venture program takes place each year in August before the school year begins. It gives international students an introduction to many essential parts of the school. Students participate in activities focused on both academic and extracurricular skills. They get familiar with the campus and meet many people who will be supporting them during their first year here. Returning boarding and day students serve as proctors, living in the dorms with the new students to help them with questions or concerns. We take our international students to restaurants and shops, and have on-campus cultural events.
  • Transitional English Program

    St. Stephen’s Transitional English Program enables students whose first language is not English to enter their classes with the skills needed for success. The classes familiarizes them with every-day vocabulary, and gives them a safe space to practice discussion skills.

    Transitional English students benefit from:
    • The opportunity to engage in a comprehensive revision process for every assignment.
    • Individualized writing support and grammar instruction geared specifically toward ELLs.
    • Multi-sensory pedagogical approach.
    • Small class size.
    • Individualized feedback.
    • Unique opportunities for participation in discussion.
    • Learning historical, cultural, and biographical context.
  • Japan Scholars

    The Japan Scholars program cultivates a sense of international community and demonstrates the importance of cultural and educational understanding.  It's an exchange program designed for students to  foster “peace based on international friendships and education on democracy.”  
    The exchange program began 1973, when St. Stephen’s faculty nominated a  freshman, Nicholas Palter,  to represent the school abroad. In September of that year, he arrived in Osaka as St. Andrew’s students. Students Yoshinori Yokoyama and Tsugunori Yasuda from Japan arrived in Austin, marking the first-ever exchange between the schools.
    Since that time the program, in which St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Jackson, Mississippi also participates, has flourished as the schools continue their mutual commitment to engendering global citizenship. Nearly 80 students to date have participated in the St. Stephen’s-St. Andrew’s Japan Exchange Program, and its success inspired the creation of a similar exchange with St. Margaret’s Senior High School in Tokyo in 2000.
  • Global Perspective

    With a long tradition of diversity, St. Stephen's believes that learning is enhanced when cultural differences are celebrated and respected. We have a very active and visible boarding program for international students, with 70 students from more than 20 countries. The staff at the Center For International and Multicultural Affairs is experienced in helping students integrate into the St. Stephen's academic and social community.

The Value of Multicultural Connections

Across the curriculum faculty incorporate lessons, discussions and projects explore various cultural heritages. Your students will be prepared to be global citizens with opportunities to study multiple cultures in every area of study.

Examples of teaching with a multicultural perspective include:

  • English: Studies of literature from various cultures.
  • History: Studies of government, religion, economy, the art, the environment, social justice rights, and cultures across the globe and throughout time.
  • Performing arts: Units on ethnic plays and playwrights and study of world performance traditions.
  • Visual arts: Study and creation of art from other parts of the world; languages - in addition to learning to speak languages.

Meet The International Team

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  • Photo of Jan Hines

    Jan Hines 

    English Instructor
    Year appointed: 1982
  • Photo of Sarah Todd

    Sarah Todd 

    Director of International Program, History Instructor
    Year appointed: 1996
  • Photo of Ling Allen

    Ling Allen 

    International Advisor, Library Assistant
    Year appointed: 2002
  • Photo of Mason Cox

    Mason Cox 

    History Instructor
    Year appointed: 1981
  • Photo of Hai Olefsky

    Hai Olefsky 

    Associate Director International Program, Coordinator of Chinese Studies
    Year appointed: 1999
  • Photo of Adriana Redmond

    Adriana Redmond 

    International Program Advisor
    Year appointed: 2001
  • Photo of Caitlin Sweetlamb

    Caitlin Sweetlamb 

    Transitional English Teacher, International Office Assistant Director
    Year appointed: 2012
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