Upper School Courses

Upper School Service Learning

The Upper School Service Learning Program challenges students to internalize St. Stephen's mission and the school prayer through education, service and reflection. The annual service requirement is designed to strengthen both
the character and worldview of each student by building a foundation of service to others that will extend well beyond a student's years at St. Stephen's. The concept of service learning hinges on providing service to those who typically do not have access to those services within a student's local, national or international community. Developing a broader perspective on issues that affect differing populations through earnest civic engagement not only empowers students to make a substantial difference immediately, but also equips them to affect positive change in the longer term.

Students must complete a minimum of 10 hours of service learning projects per academic year. By year's end and prior to posted deadlines, students must submit responses to reflection questions on the area of societal need that the service addresses, and submit responses to quest.ions about their service experience. 
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