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In print and electronic publications, we strive to tell the St. Stephen's story and to publicize all aspects of St. Stephen's that reflect the school's mission, vision and core values. Our goal is to publicize school-related student accomplishments and faculty excellence, balanced with fine arts and athletic achievements associated with the school.

St. Stephen's Brand Identity
Significant time and effort was spent creating the multiple expressions of the St. Stephen’s Episcopal School brand. The elements that compose the St. Stephen's brand can be effective forms of visual communication used separately or combined, but it is important to follow a few basic guidelines. Please use the elements below with great care and with a keen eye on our graphic standards to ensure that the school’s image retains its power and consistency for years to come.

Questions about St. Stephen's Graphic Standards

Printed/Online Materials — Anne Marie Becka, director of communications, at 512.327.1213 x121

Clothing and Athletic Team Items — Allison Center, associate director of admission and marketing, at 512.327.1213 x156
Press Inquiries
If you are a member of the press and have questions about the school, please contact Anne Marie Becka, director of communications, at 512.327.1213 x121.

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