Health & Wellness

The mission of Health Services at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School mirrors that of the school itself: we are committed to developing the whole person — mind, body and spirit. Our goal is to approach both physical and mental health challenges of the students entrusted to us in a preventative and holistic way. By linking the services of the medical and counseling staffs we believe we can best accomplish this mission in a proactive and collaborative approach.

Health Services Co-Directors are Gretchen Inman, head nurse, and John Dugan, director of counseling. They coordinate health curriculum and programming for the middle and upper schools, through classes, workshops, brown bag discussions with parents, and special speakers and presentations. They bridge counseling and medical concerns in both divisions by serving on Health Team, a group that meets weekly to provide a safety net for any student evidencing a particular emotional or medical need. Medical services are under the direction of Dr. Kerry Rhodes. To contact the on-call nurse, call the Health Center's cell phone at 512.801.7614.
Meet the health team
Gretchen Inman, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Director of Health Services
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Annelle Adams, BSN, RN
Assistant Head Nurse

Carolyn Siebenlist, BSN, RN

Marsha Caven BSN, RN

Colleen O'Heren, BSN, RN

Bobbie Talley, BSN, RN

Lori Lord, BSN, RN

Jenny Pyle, MSN, RN

Ray Mason, Driver Assistant
Meet the Counseling Team

John Dugan, Director of Counseling, Co-Director Health Services

Karrie Poppinga, Upper School Counselor

Tania Gil, Middle School Counselor
Meet the Sports Medicine Athletic Trainers
Kathy Rainey, ATC, LAT
Head Athletic Trainer
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Elizabeth Bird, ATC, LAT
Athletic Trainer
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Contact Us
Direct Line: 512.327.1166
Campus Switchboard: 512.327.1213 x231
Emergency Cell: 512.801.7614
Fax: 512.306.8720
AED Heart Defibrillators
St. Stephen’s has AED heart defibrillators throughout campus.  Our AEDs are fully automatic, which means a user does not have to push a button to deliver a shock. When deployed, the machine will ask the user to stay clear several times before delivering the shock automatically.  Please follow the instructions.

Current AED locations (map):
Health Center (waiting room)
Dining Hall (near the TV displaying the menu)
Gunn Hall (lobby/foyer area)
Chapel (lobby/ foyer area)
Clayton Gym (east wall of the courts)
Tennis Center (clubhouse)
Athletic Trainers (roaming in their cart/vehicle)
Security (roaming in their vehicle)
Spartan Fitness and Wellness Center