St. Stephen's is committed to providing a diverse learning experience
St. Stephen’s supports diversity as an essential component of a quality education that encourages respect for and empowerment of the individual and discourages the formation of stereotypes and prejudices. Through our steadfast commitment to diversity, St. Stephen’s broadens the educational experience of all students. St. Stephen’s further believes that our commitment to diversity is an ongoing process, which will continue to strengthen and enhance our school community.

The school actively seeks students from a variety of backgrounds and from all areas of Austin. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and we support and nurture their differences as well as work to prepare them for their future contributions to our increasingly diverse world.
Our Committment
Emerging Scholars Program

Non-Discriminatory Practices

Director of Diversity

Diversity Committee

Multicultural Activities
Unleashing the Potential of Emerging Scholars
Meet Adria and Brian Sheth
When Adria and Brian Sheth met at the University of Pennsylvania in the late ‘90s, neither could have predicted that they would be instrumental in helping other bright, promising students achieve their dream of attending college.

Yet a decade later, living 1,600 feet down the road in Austin, the Sheths helped forge the Emerging Scholars Program at St. Stephen’s, providing financial aid to academically advanced, low-income students with the potential to be the first in their families to attend college.
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In many ways, diversity is the foundation of the curriculum of St. Stephen’s. Through readings, classroom discussions and movies and through lessons taught at every grade level, multiple voices and differing backgrounds at SSES are integral to our strong academic program.
Community Opportunities
St. Stephen’s offers many opportunities for students to travel abroad and engage in activities and programs that will expose them to the global community. St. Stephen's believes that summer adventures broaden our students' understanding of the world, strengthen their applications to colleges and universities, and prepare them for the day when careers require that they collaborate in a global economy. Trips offered to our students include Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Spain, France, Italy and many others.
Multicultural Activities
These groups are designed to provide support, enrichment, education and fun for members of the entire school community. Each group has a student leader and has at least one faculty advisor. They meet regularly, bring in guest speakers, and generally support the diversity effort of the school.
  • Upper School Diversity Discussion Group
  • Prejudice Awareness Middle School Group
  • Korean Culture Club
  • GSA — Gay Straight Alliance
  • Night of Nations — 6th grade celebration of world cultures
  • Chinese Culture Club
  • Black Student Culture Club
  • MLK Day
  • National French Week
"The diversity of the student population has added to the value of my experience at St. Stephen's. On a daily basis I am able to interact with students from different countries all over the world. As a result of being able to explore various world views through my interaction with peers, I have developed a greater understanding of other cultures and I am challenged to exercise empathy."