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The Chapel: Our Physical and Spiritual Center
St. Stephen's Episcopal School, a coeducational boarding and day school of the Diocese of Texas, is a caring, diverse community, inclusive of all faiths and grounded in the Christian tradition, which nurtures moral growth and values the potential and dignity of every human being.

St. Stephen’s, a school rooted in the Episcopal tradition of education, encourages and nurtures the inner life with daily chapel and theology courses. Interfaith and international, the St. Stephen’s student body learns respect and appreciation for other religions and perspectives. Students exposed to diverse belief systems develop tolerance for divergent points of view, an understanding of universal tenets, and a deepened appreciation for their own religious tradition.

Weekly Sunday services are conducted for the residential community and all others who would like to attend.
What it Means to be an Episcopal School

On a recent Tuesday morning, a 10th grade student played a Chopin piece in Chapel as part of a contemplative service. In these services, two periods of silence are marked by the ringing of a bell, and these periods usually follow Scripture readings or a musical offering. The student’s offering was masterfully delivered, and it was enthusiastically received. In fact, the silence following her offering was delayed by sustained applause during which all eyes were on her in the front row. With a beaming smile and her characteristic humility, she stood to acknowledge the applause, and then we sat for our second period of silence.